weekend 1 to-do [due Tuesday]

ACQUIRE ART 1302-DESIGN I-ALL from Varsity Bookstore (book is included) ~$104 Plus circle template, tracing paper, extra sharpies and clips ~$20 Combo lock if you want to use 2nd floor locker [embeddoc url=”http://design1.kathykelley.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ART-1302-DESIGN-I-ALL.docx” height=”250px” download=”all”] READ First chapter in book in kit! Quick read...
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To restore to the designer the experience of direct experience of a medium, is, I think, the task today. Here is, as I see it, a justification for crafts today. For it means taking, for instance, the working material into the hand, learning by working it of its obedience and its resistance, its potency and its weakness, its charm and dullness. The material itself is full of suggestions for its use if we approach it unaggressively, receptively. It is a source of unending stimulation and advises us in most unexpected manner. — Annie Albers, Design: Anonymous and Timeless. 1947