weekend 3 to do list [for 2/2]



unlike this sample, you will only have 4 square compositions (not 8)

[p1] dots project

  • 3 BW 5×5 compositions mounted + thumbnails
  • habit + concept crit write up)

[p2] squared blitz

  • 4 BW 5×5 comps – 1 for each word
  • 40 thumbnails – to for each word

All of the above will be turned in for a grade.


  1. Read handout – squared blitz
    [embeddoc url=”http://design1.kathykelley.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/surface-p2-squared-blitz1.pdf”]
  2. Choose two word sets:
    1. congested – clear
    2. light – heavy
    3. relaxed – anxious
    4. playful – orderly
  3. Draw 10 thumbnails per each word (thus totaling 40 thumbnails)
    • explore form interaction and CROPPING of the edge of the page
    • push beyond your solution habits
    • no curved lines.
  4. Choose one thumbnail composition for each word. Choose the one that is an interesting solution AND communicates the concept of the word
  5. Place the paired two together to see if they work well as a set. Alternate between other thumbnails till the set feels visually pleasing to you.
  6. Render each of your final four (2 concept pairs) thumbnails full size
    1. 5×5 inch on white bristol smooth paper (from kit)
    2. use black sharpie or cut black paper to form squares

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