Due Thursday, noon

Portfolio 2 Spatial Depth Due

Lightly put your name at the bottom of each page in PENCIL. 

Clip pages together or build lg envelop and place them in it

  1. One and two point linear perspective (line only) page  

    not exactly what we did, but close

  2. Value gradation study (ink wash, implied texture, found material) PLUS linear perspective with value applied page   
  3. Thumbnails for linear perspectiv and pattern wrapping (min 10)  
  4. Final linear + pattern wrapping project  
  5. Your WORD that drives the idea of your perspective pattern wrapping piece

When you arrive in class tgursday @ noon, place your final page on crit wall. This should be done NEATLY as though we were hanging work for a small exhibition. 

i am looking forward to seeing your final solutions. 

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