For Tuesday

No homework other than to put together supplies to bring to our next studio, Tuesday 2/23. PS this is a reward for rocking the house on your linear perspective projects! YAY!

  1. Image of object selected in class Tuesday. You may wish to print out a higher res/higher quality image. Object should be sized to about 4″ in  either height or width when printed out (see scale % in print dialog box…most I printed out at 50-60%.
  2. Tracing paper or something similarly translucent
  3. Sharpies
  4. Ink and brushes

FOR SICKIES Those of you that have been sick, I will need what was due 2/18 (see previous post) on Tuesday. AND select an image and bring BW quality printout with image of object about 4 inches in height or width-bring Tuesday.

Today’s awesomeness!




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