Weekend to do [due 3/29]


  1. select a quote 5-7 words long
  2. using Times Roman or Arial print out at various sizes from 12 pt to 72 pt
  3. print out
  4. bring Tuesday

MARK MAKING TO MUSIC [20 drawings…fill a pad of bristol]

  1. twenty (20) drawings; 3 to 5 minutes per drawing
  2. select rhythmic music
    From Kathryn Kelley
  3. mark making tool options
    • ink
    • nonart tools dipped in the ink [comb, whisk, toy, chain, etc]
    • a bundle of pens or pencils taped together (single color)
  4. method [per page]
    • one simple gesture
    • used repetitively
  5. movement (explore different movements on different pages)
    • wrist twist
    • roll tool between both hands
    • hold tool backwards
    • use recessive hand
    • draw with mouth
    • draw with feet
    • tie tool to long stick and draw with paper on floor
    • attack the page
    • crumple page, smooth, then mark
    • close your eyes
  6. let go of your analytical brain and trust how the music moves your body.

student samples


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